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Atelier Fjellsol

The art studio is the sanctuary dedicated to focused work hours for the artist. A good work studio is among the most valuable tools for a visual artist and can take time to develop.

During her first years of becoming an artist Liv Fjellsol painted from the home office and her marketing company office (Coral Design) as well as Monday visits to her colleague Margot Tønseth (Birralee International School, founder and principal), in Trondheim, Norway.


Atelier Fjellsol, a tailor made art studio for Fjellsol´s oil paintings, was finally built in 2012 in rural Norway. The art studio, and the surroundings, became a beloved space which allowed more focus on developing the works.

An increasing amount of national and international cooperations, time consuming travelling and challenging social distance, were among the factors which made it necessary to relocate to a central art studio and interdisciplinary office surroundings from 2023.

The art studio is usually not open for visitors, but the artist will share some ideas and processes through this webiste and her Facebook page.

Galleri Fjellsol

Galleri Fjellsol (2016-2023)


The art gallery, dedicated to Liv Fjellsol´s works, also honored the artist´s multidisciplinary background by hosting concerts and lectures.

"Galleri Fjellsol er en liten stor juvel blant konsertarrangører i Norge i dag. Familien Fjellsol har med sin tilstedeværelse klart å skape et unikt sted for intime musikkopplevelser hvor både artister og publikum føler seg ivaretatt. Alle musikere jeg kjenner, som har spilt konsert i Galleri Fjellsol, vil tilbake!"  

- jazz musician and producer, Jacob Young, 2019.

The pandemic social distance requirements (2020-2022) delayed most international art exhibitions and allowed time to study research theories and methods. Liv Fjellsol developed a growing interest within arts-based research which rural Norway did not provide for. Galleri Fjellsol arranged its last events in 2023. Fjellsol sold the art gallery and the art studio properties, to allow more time for the development of visual art and theoretical studies.

Fjellsol is very thankful for all local, national and international visitors who found their way to the rural art gallery. Some became precious colleagues and friends, an inspiration for further work and cooperations. An ambivalent farewell to Galleri Fjellsol and a welcome central relocation of Atelier Fjellsol allows further development of visual art and interdisciplinary theory.


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The art studio, Atelier Fjellsol, is a dedicated work space usually not open for visitors.


The best way to experience the works of art is to visit art galleries or museums. View the list of various art exhibitions to find a suitable event near you. 


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If Liv Fjellsol is not represented in your district, share your interest in Fjellsol and her visual art with your favorite venue, and it might become the next host for a duo or solo exhibition.


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