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Liv C Fjellsol

Liv C Fjellsol is a visual artist, with multidisciplinary interest within the humanities and social sciences, who uses art to express her views on contemporary society. Fjellsol is thankful for local and international cooperations which makes it possible to work worldwide from her beloved art studio in Norway.

Art cares; interdisciplinary art project, by visual artist Fjellsol and guest writers: David F Abrahams, Angel Angoh, Tatyana Beida, Annika E Engelhart, Patricia Falkenburg, Pål Graff, Ali R Heshmati, Bendik Hofseth, Gro S O Johansen, Milutin Miljus, Nguyen P N An, Francesco Pogliano, Petra Reategui, Waranoot T Strand, Margot L Tønseth, Paolo Vinaccia, Ellen A Wang and Jacob Young. Published as a book in 2020. Exhibited in Kulturhus Fredheim, Norway, 2022.

Galleri Fjellsol; art gallery dedicated to Liv C Fjellsols artworks, opened in 2016. Galleri Fjellsol also honor the artist´s multidisciplinary background by hosting concerts and lectures. 

Art says; interdisciplinary art project, by visual artist Fjellsol and guest writers: Elin Kiraly, Daithi Rua, Amal Aden, Margot L Tønseth, David F Abrahams and Trond M Vaagen. Published as book in 2015. Exhibited in Fort Smith Regional Art Museum, USA, 2017.


Atelier Fjellsol; Liv C Fjellsol's art studio tailor made for oil painting on canvas and the artist´s preferred workplace since 2008.

Fjellsol is currently a member of: Association of Norwegian Visual Artists, Norwegian Association of Researchers, The National Association of Directors, Mensa, International Women Artist Federation, and she is occasionally an elected member of various boards and committees.


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